INFORMATIO ABOUT COMPANY




                      The Company has been established in 1994 with the head office at 9,Utakarsh-Nilayam, Jalvihar Area. The company has been established to provides and courses.

  • Training in Information Technology
  • Consultancy in Software Development.
  • DTP and Graphics work.
  • Publication and Literature in Information Technology


The Company has three division :

  • Training division
  • Consultancy and project division
  • DTP division

The training division conducts  software online training  like:

Program in CAD , CAD/CAM, Java, OOP, C++ , DBMS etc.

The    consultancy  and    project   division accepts  projects   in  software   development   in   commercial  and   Engineering  fields.  The   company provides customize high  end  software

             The  DTP   division     provides    services      in    publication  of reports,  thesis  , graphics  and  animation  work.


Contact     :      Utkarsh - Nilayam , Jalvihar, Jaitala Ring Road , Nagpur - 440016 ,   India.

Phone No.   :      (+91)9970070302, 9561445778      e-Mail :

Whatsapp :     +91-9561445778                                 skype :  shashi khan